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Meet The Teacher

It is my mission to help you create a relationship in which you feel that you can fully be yourself & be loved & accepted for being exactly that person. My specialism is Relationship Communication and I love to work with men, women & couples who are yearning for a greater level of connection, love & understanding in their relationship. My course Real Relationship Communication will enable you to build a strong foundation of healthy communication with your partner: helping you to dissolve conflict more easily & feel the freedom to be yourself & be open & honest in your expression.
Meet The Teacher

What's Included:

Through video explanations & video demonstrations by Michele & her husband, slide presentations with audio, pdf's and easy to remember flow charts you will learn:

  • How to understand each other on a deeper level

    be able to offer your partner the validation he/she needs & as a result increase the understanding & connection between you.

  • How to ask for what you want & say what you don't want!

    without alienating your partner

  • How to use vulnerability successfully

    in a way that helps your partner soften & want to support you.

  • How to reduce & dissolve arguments

    By learning a super effective dialogue that will provide you with a safe container to come back to time & time again.

  • How to know when you are projecting onto your partner

    and know when it is time to take responsibility


  • What if my partner is not interested in taking the course with me?

    You can still benefit hugely from the tools & techniques I share with you. You will still be able to put these into practice & there is a video giving you advice on how you might approach speaking to your partner about the fact you will be doing the course & what to do if he/she is not interested. Any information & understanding that you absorb & put into practice as an individual will have a positive impact on your relationship.

  • How does the course work?

    Once you sign up for the course you receive a link where you can create your own password & user name. Watch & read the welcome information so that you can ensure you get the best out of the course material. Then you can make your way through the content in your own time. I recommend setting time aside to practice the tools & techniques I

  • Will I get 1 on 1 advice from Michele?

    This is an online course that you undertake in your own time. I am not available for 1 to 1 mentoring in relation to the course. However, I do welcome your thoughts and questions in the feedback section after you have gone through the course.

  • If registering with my partner do I need to purchase two courses?

    No, this course is designed for couples or individuals alike, so you only need to purchase one course whether you are signing up for it with your partner or on your own.

  • How long will this course take us/me?

    I recommend that you take your time over this course and put into practice the dialogue & the homework I set out. Your level of success will be determined by how much practice you are willing to put in. As you have lifetime access you can come back to it time & time again. Many of the materials can also be downloaded.